Sunday, March 23, 2014

Wanna Bet You'll Lose Weight Next Month?

As I said in my last post, henceforth this blog will be a bit like a reportage on all things weight loss and fitness motivation and will no longer be just a motivational posters blog. So this means as well posting the occasional motivational poster,  I'll also be bringing you info, videos, useful links, images, podcasts, and all things weight loss and fitness motivation that I find on the internet. So with that said here is my latest find:

BetWeight is an interesting weight loss motivation’s a sort of 'put your
money where your mouth is' contest that you play against yourself. Here is what it says on their website:

What is BetWeight?
The concept is very simple. You set a 1 month (30 day) weight loss goal and bet some money that you'll reach it.
If you succeed, you win your money back!
If you fall short, we donate it to a charity of your choice.

Is this gambling?
No. The outcome of your Challenge depends entirely on your own skill.
All the elements of weight loss are under your control, and yours alone (it's true!). The success of your Challenge does not depend on whether Manchester United wins on Saturday or the result of a coin toss.

It depends on you eating right, exercising and finding the willpower to keep that up for the next few weeks! Your money simply serves as an extremely powerful motivator.

So do you believe you’ll lose weight next month...wanna bet on it?

For more info on BetWeight see their  FAQ Page


thomas morrison said...

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nina said...

very interesting tips. Surely one would use!

Robin Connors said...

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