Monday, November 4, 2013

MotiveWeight Has Moved

I know you’ve all been expecting MotiveWeight.Blospot to go through a major transformation at this time, but as I researched upgrading this blog with a new interface and new content I came to the inevitable conclusion that Tumblr’s blogging platform offers infinitely more versatility for blog publishers and a more interesting user-experience for the blog visitor.

So with that said, for the foreseeable future will become my main blog, and will become my subsidiary blog where I’ll post my most popular MotiveWeight.Tumblr posts once a month.

I post new images on MotiveWeight.Tumblr SEVERAL TIMES A DAY so visit anytime to see what’s new and I’ll see you back here on MotiveWeight.Blogspot in a month’s time where I’ll publish a ‘Most Popular on MotiveWeight’ post at the beginning of each month.

Here is a list of all my Tumblr Blogs:

Most Popular MotiveWeight Posts (October 2013)


Matthew Green said...

Many thanks! This post seems to have done the trick!

Weight Loss said...

Very informative!!
Keep it simple.drink lots of water whenever you are hungry drink water . eat whole food rather than junk avoid sweets fried food and bakery products and take small 5-6 meals instead of big meals and walk do it without cheating and you will see the result .

Sean Jones said...

Your post is so unique. Every picture is very meaningful on fitness and exercise. We all know that Weight Loss and fitness is how much important to us. So thanks for inspiring all people through this post.

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