Sunday, March 6, 2022

How To Lose Weight Fast - Learn Healthy Fat Loss - Lose Belly Fat - Burn Calories - PART 1


Video Script:

If you've decided you want to lose some weight (whether it be just a few pounds or a large chunk of your body mass), chances are you've done the research on diets, plans, gyms, exercises, and anything that you can find on that subject. If so, you've probably seen that most credible sources will tell you that weight loss and fitness are strongly related. If not, that's what I'll tell you now. 

If you want to lose weight, you first need to evaluate a few truths. The most obvious is that if you burn off more calories than you eat, you will lose weight. You can either chose to do no "extra" exercise and eat very, very little in order to lose weight, or you can stick to a plan that will burn off enough calories and allow you not to starve yourself. It's also important to note that overly-decreasing your calorie intake can backfire on you because your body will slow your metabolism down in order to accommodate this adjustment in calorie intake. This will cause you to actually gain weight instead of lose it. 

The next fact is that a combination of water and oxygen leads to fat burning. Make sure that you are getting at least a half gallon of water every day. Your body will use this water when you exercise,  and cause you to lose weight in a healthy way. Again, you must combine your water intake with some form of aerobic exercise (increased oxygen) for this to work. Choose something that you like and can do on a regular basis like Walking, biking, swimming, yard work, etc. As long as you get your heart rate up a little bit, it's a good fat burning exercise. 

Finally, consistency is the key when it comes to your weight loss and fitness plan. So many people jump into something quickly with the mindset that they will just keep up the pace for a couple of weeks or a couple of months and then they can go back to their usual life. 

In reality, your plan should be a life-long commitment. Even after you lose the weight, in order to maintain your goal weight, you need to eat right and get some activity in. So, pick an activity that you enjoy (or that you don't mind so much). Walking is one favorite. If you live in the city, you can actually walk part of the way to work, save on gym expenses, and not have to worry about finding time in your day to exercise. If not, no matter where you live, you can probably find the time to take a 20-minute brisk walk around your neighborhood. Bring a buddy along to keep you entertained and you'll see that the time flies. The connection between weight loss and fitness is too strong to ignore. So, pick your plan and stick with it for life.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Focus On Goals Not On Obstacles

Sometimes we are so focused on the obstacles to achieving our goals that there is no room left in our minds to focus on actually achieving those goals.

Think of a really important goal that you would like to achieve. How much of your mind is dedicated to the actual achievement of that goal? How much of your mind is focused on all the obstacles that could prevent you from achieving it. If you are too focused on the obstacles you may never get started on the journey towards achieving what you want most. If you focus on your destination and how great you will feel when you get there, you'll be much more motivated to start and continue the journey.

Try to catch yourself whenever you notice you're thinking negatively about your goal. Be vigilant for the times when your mind tries to seduce you into giving up by making you anxious about how difficult it will be.  At times like this say something to yourself that will make you snap out of that negative train of thought. Tell yourself if I keep going I'll get there. Tell yourself, a 1000-mile journey begins with a single step. Tell yourself, winners never quit, and quitters never win. You're persistent positive and optimistic focus on the achievement of your goal is one of the key ingredients that will help you achieve it.

The poster above is available from the MotiveWeight shop SuccessfuelMedia. You can buy this poster as a printable PDF (without a watermark) that you can print at your local print store or use it for any commercial purpose on your website or in your business.


Monday, February 21, 2022



This video is the first ever MotiveWeight YouTube video on YouTube. I called the channel MotiveWeight because I want this channel to focus on helping you develop a weight loss and fitness mindset. 

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change" -Dr Wayne W. Dyer

A change of mindset is the first key to changing our bodies and our habits. The mind is where all success begins in any area of life. 

To achieve a challenging goal we must first find ways to MAINTAIN FOCUS on the achievement of that goal. It is often difficult to maintain focus because we're usually inundated with many day-to-day tasks and distractions that push our weight loss goals to the bottom of our to-do-lists.

However, taking time out to meditate and change your self-talk through the use of positive affirmations can help you to stay on track during the course of your weight loss and fitness journey.

If you listen to videos like this every day in the morning and evening on a loop, or play them in the background while you do something else, you'll be surprised at how much they help you to stay focused and motivated to create the habits that lead to permanent, healthy weight loss.

I intend to put new videos on MotiveWeight Meditations YouTube channel on a regular basis so visit often and don't forget to subscribe so you can stay up to date with each new video upload.

Saturday, February 19, 2022

Weight Loss and Fitness Affirmations Video


I find listening to affirmation videos on a loop really inspires me to do what I'm affirming. At the very least it keeps my goal at the forefront of my mind and helps me to to act on it.

The video above is one I created for one of my YouTube channels 'Successfuel Media'. It's a motivational YouTube channel where I post inspirational videos on all kinds of topics that people might need motivation for. 

One of the best ways to play a video like this is to loop it and just let it play in the background while you're doing something else. Repetition is the key to success with affirmations, so make sure to listen to affirmations like this daily or as regularly as you can.

I will soon be creating a dedicated MotiveWeight YouTube channel that will feature weight loss and fitness topics, tips and resources. I will let you know as soon as it has been created.

If you are not familiar with affirmations or you are not sure if you will find them beneficial check out another video I created (below) that speaks about 'The Awesome Power of Saying Positive Things To Yourself'

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

MotiveWeight Has A New Shop On Redbubble


From February 15th 2022 Motiveweight products can be purchased on Redbubble. (Click the pictures to see the page for each product) or click HERE to go to the shop's home page.

At the time of writing (16th Feb 2022) there are only six products in the shop but I will be uploading new designs and art work on a daily basis, so the shop should have many more products soon.

The quote I'm featuring in this post, "A little progress every day adds up to big results", inspired me to start this shop. In the past it seemed like such a huge task to create a shop with hundreds of products. But the quote reminds me that all big success comes from small efforts repeated over time.

Making small incremental improvements every day is the way many people achieve their goals. Sometimes just committing to doing as little as 5 minutes a day is the ingredient that stops procrastination. 


What big goal have you been putting off that could result in success if you committed to doing it for just 5 minutes daily?

Not just your weight loss goals but any goal that could add significant improvements to your life.

One way to optimise your small efforts is to find a way to TRACK YOUR PROGRESS. You can create your own tracker on a piece of paper or do it digitally via a progress tracking app. 

I do mine on paper (in my journal). I draw a simple grid to include the activity I'm tracking and the days of the month. Each time I take an action towards my goal, I put an X in the space under that day. It's such a great feeling to see the grid filling up with lots of Xs.

HERE is a link to my Redbubble shop, hopefully by the time you click on it, my small daily small efforts to populate it with products will mean there are lots of products there by the time you visit it.

I've made "PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION" my new mantra.

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