Saturday, September 1, 2012

How Many Calories Are You Really Consuming

I don’t usually count calories, I usually guess my calorie intake and just concentrate on eating healthy. Yesterday, noticing that I had gained a few pounds, I decided to write down everything I ate and drank. I was shocked at the result. My total calorie intake yesterday was 3066 calories, and if I was asked how many calories I thought I’d eaten I would have said no more than 2000.

So if you find you’ve been gaining weight it could be that you have gradually increased your calorie intake without realising. Print out this chart (or create your own) and log your calories every day for a week; the results might surprise you.



CharlieD said...

There are also food diary apps available, they can take a lot of the guess-work out of recording your caloric intake. I use LoseIt!, which is free and very easy to use. It has made a difference to see how much I am consuming on a daily and ongoing basis in my efforts to eat healthy and be more active.

Linda James said...

Thanks for the comment CharlieD, food diary apps are a great idea. I have yet to start using them myself. I might give LoseIt a try :)

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