Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I Did is Much Stronger Than I Will

I recently found a way to make myself work out every day: First I decided to commit to working out every day by just starting very small. On day 1 I was only motivated to workout for 2 minutes (Yes, I know, sounds too little right?). But EVERY DAY thereafter I decided that my absolute minimum would be 2 minutes. No matter how demotivated I felt, I was determined to do my 2 minutes. This goal was so small that it was almost impossible not to do it. By day 3 or 4 I had doubled it to 4 minutes. One week later I felt very comfortable to do 15 minutes, because it was beginning to feel like a HABIT. If on any day I did not feel like working out I would make myself do my minimum of two minutes. By week 2, I was doing 30-45 minutes EVERY DAY. Now it's over a month since I started this new way of staying motivated and I now workout for 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes daily (on my elliptical, spin bike, plus YouTube workout videos).
Working out daily has now become my habit, it would seem as strange to me to not work out as it would to not brush my teeth. If you find yourself saying "I will do my workout" and then find yourself procrastinating, but you really want to say "I DID my workout today" consider starting off with a ridiculously short time of just two minutes, but make sure you do those two minutes EVERY DAY. Within a few weeks to a month you'll find this has become a habit that you'll enjoy and be proud of, which in turn will motivate you to want to exercise for even longer.


Mary said...

I find that self-motivation is one of the toughest part of a fitness regimen, and it is something that I have battled for years.

Linda James said...

Hi Mary, I agree with you, self-motivation is the hardest part of this journey. I often find myself wishing there was more out there to fill this need. It is my hope that Motiveweight will play a role in bridging the gap. Good luck on the rest of your fitness journey :)

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