Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Start Running or Jogging

I started jogging some years ago and these were some of the reasons why I began.
  1. To burn fat and lose weight
  2. To inspire others to get fit and healthy
  3. To eliminate "I can't" from your dictionary
  4. To build physical and mental toughness
  5. To discover your own personal best
  6. To promote overall health and fitness
  7. To boost confidence and self-esteem
  8. To decrease stress and to feel good

The exercise motivation tip below is from  Spark People.com and I can vouch for the fact that just getting your running shoes on even if you don't feel like doing any exercise, is a great way to get yourself motivated to get out of the door or to start some sort of exercise.

For my British readers if your're looking for some great running shoes try these from Northern Runner.com


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