Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Exercise Motivation Tip

I'm always searching for ways to motivate myself to exercise and this picture shows my latest "invention". It's a picture of a digital photo frame taped to my elliptical. It's one of those photo frames that plays videos as well as display pictures plus it has a USB port so you can load any video onto it.

Using a photo frame like this has many more advantages than just placing your exercise machine in front of the TV because you can choose from the multitude of videos available on YouTube and the internet. On my screen is a screenshot of The Biggest Loser UK...I like pretending the trainers are yelling at me to work harder while doing my workout.

The photo frame I'm using is available HERE.


Anonymous said...

Your blogs and every other content is so entertaining and useful It makes me come back again.
Suzan Meers

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