Friday, July 6, 2012

Weight Loss Motivation - Focus On Fitness

I'm finding that the best motivation for permanent weight loss is focusing on fitness. In the past I would try this-and-that-diet or eating plan and I'd lose weight, but once I'd lost the weight my goal was achieved, so there was no longer a need to focus on weight loss, consequently I would return to my old weight gain habits. Now I focus on fitness and since fitness and health are lifelong goals, I'm keeping the weight off.
I now eat healthier, I exercise more and I continue to look for ways to stay focused on fitness. Yes, weight loss is still a goal, but it is not the main comes first and weight loss seems to follow.



Honeybee said...

I agree that fitness comes first before weight loss. But if you don't mind I want to add another point. Motivation is another key. Jennifer Lopez for example lose her baby weight pretty quick. She is probably going to be twice as motivated as we are to lose weight as fast as possible because her job as an entertainer require her to look good so with that extra added pressure (or motivation) she'll push herself harder than we will to lose weight. Setting deadlines to your weight loss goal maybe help to inject a dose of motivation.
Let's say on the way to your big goal to lose 100 pounds in 10 months your actual lose is 12 pounds in your 1st month. You can reward yourself by buying yourself a new dress or going out to a movie.


Linda James said...

Hi Honeybee, I agree with you 100%, motivation is absolutely essential to achieving goals especially weight loss goals :)

erin tracy said...

Yes...motivation and self disciple is really the key to achieve your weight loss goals. Sometimes you need the right tools to help you achieve your goal. Anybody heard of Roca Labs Formula? I heard it creates a natural gastric bypass effect so that you lose weight without the surgery.

RhondaLee Quaresma said...

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