Friday, June 22, 2012

Healthy Food Tastes So Good

I remember in the past that I used to see healthy foods like salads as tasteless rabbit's wrong I was. I think many of us who are overweight live under this myth that healthy food tastes bad and unhealthy food tastes good. I realised that it was a matter of habit, once I gradually changed my eating habits, I began to discover that healthy, clean foods are super-delicious.

The salad in this picture was one I made for myself, and believe me it was delicious. Salads are so versatile because you can add just about anything to them. I did not need to add a high calorie dressing to it because the ingredients I used (especially the guacamole) really added lots of flavour.

I took this photo with my I-phone and did not realise it would come out so well, so I am really enthusiastic now about posting more pics of my meals and recipe ideas in forthcoming posts.



Norma said...

What is that? Kiwi, cucumbers, avocado? Yum!

Linda James said...

Yes, I wanted to make a green salad and to also focus on making it pretty. I placed a bed of raw spinach leaves onto the plate first, then I added the cucumber,kiwi, avocado (guacamole) on was yummy.

Norma said...

all favorites of mine & must be so good on a summer day!

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