Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Benefits Of Weight Training

The benefits of weight training. Weight training is like a medicine: It controls weight; tones entire body; strengthens bones; improves mobility; increases strength.



Ellie said...

started weight training amidst my diet and now im gaining muscle mass. still feel uncomfortable about the increase in the number though! :(

Linda James said...

I know exactly how you feel can be scary, but I've recently paid a little less attention to the scale (although I still use it diligently) and instead I focus more on increasing my exercise intensity and duration, knowing this will take care of the fat loss and body toning. Knowing I'm working harder on my exercise and diet plus seeing my clothes size shrinking helps to lessen my fear of the numbers. I also look at a lot of pictures that show the positive changes a person's body goes through on a good weight training program - this helps to keep me motivated. Well done you on staying focused and doing the work. Keep going, you'll get there :)

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