Friday, February 24, 2012

Exercise First Thing In The Morning

Exercise Motivation Tip 5: As soon as you wake up, get dressed for your workout.
Try this little trick  tomorrow morning...
As soon as you wake up,  get dressed for your workout....don’t have a cup of coffee, or read your email, or do anything else that you would normally do at this time.  Once you have your workout clothes on start working out. If you do this every morning you’ll create an extremely  powerful habit that will guarantee  you never, ever miss your workout again.

This trick worked for me this morning...While still groggy-eyed I was lacing up my trainers and putting on my workout clothes. I would normally have headed straight for the coffee and my computer and would tell myself I'll exercise "some time later" - on many days, "later" just didn't arrive. Today it felt sooooo good to be doing my workout first thing in the morning before the excuses had time to enter my mind. Now, I can't wait for tomorrow morning to come so I can try this little trick all over again!



logo gloves said...

I will try it until i will perfect it. Nice work.

Rachel Page said...

Just get up and go.

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