Saturday, August 25, 2012

20 Benefits Of Walking For Exercise

Walking is especially good if you're someone who's reluctant to exercise because it doesn't feel like exercise.  If you walk at a brisk pace you can get a really good workout. It's so easy to do for most people and is as simple as putting on some comfortable clothes and shoes and walking out of the door.



Unknown said...

I'm a reluctant walker. So I moved my mouse over this graphic and right clicked. Then slide down the menu to set as Background and left clicked. A pop up menu asked if I wanted to replace my desktop wallpaper? I pressed the Yes button and now it is there to remind me to get off the computer and take a walk everyday. So thank you!

motiveweight said...

That's a neat little trick with the 'set-as-desktop-background' function, I do the same thing often.

I've recently started going out daily for a brisk 30 minute exercise walk and already I'm feeling the difference in my joints.

I'm so glad my picture inspired you to walk more Marc.

Unknown said...

Walking melts your thighs and perks up your bum.

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